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45 years teaching at Western & Diversey.

Top 10 self-defense school in the United States.

Newly renovated facility!


Teaching men, women, teens and children, Hyun's Hapkido is the premier self-defense gym in Chicago for the whole family. 

Ages 11+


Self-defense incorporates kicks, punches, throws, joint-locks (breaks) and submission techniques.


The attacks focus on the weakest parts of the opponent’s body such as  nerves, joints, and pressure points.


You will also increase your fitness, flexibility, and stamina.


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Ages 5-10

Kids learn focus, discipline, confidence, respect, and concentration all through organized group activities. In addition to punching and kicking, they learn to cooperate and assist new students, starting leadership training early.


Tenents of Tae Kwon Do


- to be polite

- to be honest and righteous

- to never give up

Self Control
- to focus my actions

Indomitable Spirit

- to always have confidence, Sir!


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