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Cooporate Events

Hyun's Hapkido would love to connect with your business. Adding a self-defense seminar to a company picnic is a fun and exciting way to engage employees and their families. Whether it's easier for your group to come to our school or to send us to you, we will make it work.


Self-defense is building good habits and consistent training, but there are dozens of simple lessons your community can learn to protect themselves. 


We will cover:

  • Maintaining a safe distance

  • Don't limit your sensory awareness (earbuds, phone)

  • Travel main streets, not alleys - even in a car

  • Be prepared - keys in hand, eyes peeled

  • Know your weapons - belt, bag, rings, keys, voice

  • Know their weaknesses - centerline and vital points

  • Confidence in your defense - must believe it will work


DECIDE NOW that you will fight back and run. Don't wait until something happens to decide what to do.

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