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Hyun's Hapkido and Taekwon Do| Northside School since 1971


With the “Northside” school opening in Chicago in 1971 and the opening of the “Southside” location in September of 1996, the schools are one of the largest and longest running martial arts and self defense schools. With over 43 years in business and martial arts experience, we are the most experienced and number 1 ranked school in the Country.


We have over 400 students and an experienced staff of Masters and Black Belt instructors. We continue to be the leading choice among martial arts schools in Chicago and neighboring suburbs for children, teenager, and adult programs. It's never too early or too late to learn to protect yourself and your loved ones with self defense!



The Martial Arts School and its Black Belts are certified by the Korea Kido (Hapkido) Association in Seoul and the Korean Department of Culture. Today, the phrase “Sung Moo” (successful training in martial arts) is offered as a greeting and demonstration of mutual respect by everyone in the school. 

Men, Women & Teens

Our full time adults martial arts classes can fit your busy schedule.


Bring balance and self control back into your life and relieve stress.


Our classes are perfect for anyone who:

• has joined and quit a health club
• is looking to lose weight but not interested in the gym scene
• is bored of traditional exercise (lifting weights, running on a treadmill)
• is fit but looking for a new challenge



Additionally, you will learn realistic, practical street self defense techniques, enabling you to protect yourself and loved ones.




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Ages 11+


Kids Classes

Martial Arts will provide your child with the tools to overcome challenges in life.


Using praise and positive feedback, our instructors encourage students and motivate them to do their best.


Our instructors are experts at working with children. They know how to gain your child’s attention and keep them motivated by setting realistic step-by-step goals and encouraging them every step of the way. Every member of our staff will take a personal interest in your child and be committed to helping them achieve their potential




Looking for one on one training? 


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